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AppsApril#10 DMD

DMD or Dermander is the next app under review in my AppsApril process. DMD is a panorama creating app.   The ‘Create’ button opens with a simple screen – HDR (additional $0.99) auto/off flash and a nifty yin and yang sign . Basically you hold the phone vertically and move the signs toward each other to […]

AppsApril#9 Wood Camera

Wood Camera is an odd name for a photography app. Made by Bright Mango (that’s a more appealing name I think!) Anyway this is a simple app, with lots of filters (25++) and subtle changes in effect.  Here are a set of images showing the variations in colours that are possible. Frankly I think these […]

AppsApril#8 DBCam

Today I played with DBCam – Double Camera.  have to admit that it took me a bit to work out what it was doing!! Der … Here’s the camera screen Anyway, the story is … when you click the ‘camera’ button the app takes a shot of both sides of the phone.  Next time you […]

AppsApril#7 Blacklight

Today I had a look at the BlackLight app.  If you like neon effects, like to remember the disco lights in our younger days, this app may appeal to you!!   Relatively straight forward, one clicks an image and then uses a slider to decide on the intensity of the blacklight overall, as well as […]

AppsApril#6 Shake-it-Photo

Shake-it-Photo is a cute novelty app.  It emulates a Polaroid camera – sounding like one, requiring that one dry off  the image (have to shake the phone to develop the image, just like you may wave the polaroid to dry it) and looking authentically ‘polaroid’ once developed.   The camera is straight forward to use – offering […]

AppsApril#5 Camera FX

Yep – fell in love with this app. first use and WOW!!  A gem! Three simple options on the opening screen – library, camera and settings (where there is the option for high resolution – oops, just found that! As well as FaceBook and Twitter connections).  Nice big, clear DONE button at the top of […]

AppsApril#4 Hipstamatic

  Hipatamatic is a funky little retro app that provides square images with a neat border. The app opens as a camera – front (above) or back.  One can purchase additional films/filters/effects There is an option to establish a Hipstaccount that lets you enter competitions, order prints and other ‘nifty things’ in the Hipsta online […]

AppsApril#3 Luminance

The app of the day is LUMINANCE.  Not surprisingly, it was Runner-Up Apple App of the year in 2011.  Luminance gives you a range of interesting options – zoom operates in camera, cropping is also available. There are a number of great preset filters one can apply to images. These two images have had a […]

AppsApril#1 = Instagram ++

So welcome to the first AppsApril app, Instagram.  An obvious place to start I know, but I did wonder if people knew about all the extra Insta..apps that are available. Here’s a screen shot of my Instagram folder … I have used Instagram extensively at times – KarenClicks is my tag if you’re interested. Last […]