AppsApril#30 InstaFilters

I have added InstaFilters to my Instagram folder – it shares into Instagram (and others), integrating simply.  Opening screen (above) is simple and elegant. There are 30+ filters and effects in the app.  Quite a range! Filters are easy to use … I played with it at the Stirling Market on Sunday. Here are some… Continue reading AppsApril#30 InstaFilters

AppsApril#29 PowerCam

PowerCam is another easy to use app with a lot of options.  Opening screen is straight forward … There are options to edit photos, choose from the gallery, collage and capture.  Choosing to go into the camera one is given options to colour splash, panorama, face time, tilt shift or magic  shot.  Settings enable one… Continue reading AppsApril#29 PowerCam

AppsApril#28 Flip-O-Matic

Another interesting app – novel and easy to use! The opening screen of Flip-O-Matic is simple and the options in settings as follows …   The effects are fascinating.  Some examples … One has an option to re-use a Flip-O-Matic image.  I repeated this process and produced … Once you’re happy with an image, there… Continue reading AppsApril#28 Flip-O-Matic

AppsApril#27 PhotoSlice

If you enjoy joiners and nifty effects, this app might appeal to you! Opening screen (after selecting a photo to play with) …   Provides straight forward choices …   Next one fiddles with the settings from buttons that pop out…   The effects are interesting.  Some examples … And sharing looks like this …… Continue reading AppsApril#27 PhotoSlice

AppsApril#26 PhotoMagic

PhotoMagic is one of many apps I have filed in a folder labelled ‘editing’ and not opened since purchasing.  Bit of a pity in this app’s case, because it is pretty cool – I like it! Love the easy opening screen – take or load a photo, how easy is that?? Once you’ve managed that,… Continue reading AppsApril#26 PhotoMagic

AppsApril#25 Fisheye

Another Fisheye app today – and ‘Mmmmm’!! The interface is not at all intuitive, I kept finding myself where I didn’t expect to be.  Given that I am looking at a new app every day, you’d think I’d be finding it pretty easy now! One can drag the image inside the fisheye effect, for different… Continue reading AppsApril#25 Fisheye

AppsApril#23 Panorama

Yesterday, at the Crows game (which we won!!), I played with the iPhone 5 panorama function and the Panorama (TM) app. Here’s the iPhone 5 effort – pretty extensive as you’ll see …   Here’s Panorama (TM) in action … Unfortunately you’ll have to click on the icons to see the images – I can’t… Continue reading AppsApril#23 Panorama

AppsApril#22 Reflex

Claiming a twin lens effect, that I am not sure is so special, this is another app that I thought lacked a twist or unique selling point.  The original app purchase only provides some film effect options (That are very nice ….) All other filters are 99c a set or $5.49 the lot. Like many… Continue reading AppsApril#22 Reflex

AppsApril#21 iColorama S

iColorama S is another app with a wonderful array of editing options.  My sister’s dog and my creatures are the subject matter for today’s review.  iColorama S has a simple to use interface … Each option opens a range of choices … I enjoyed this app, but am not convinced that it is unique enough… Continue reading AppsApril#21 iColorama S