AppsApril#29 PowerCam

PowerCam is another easy to use app with a lot of options.  Opening screen is straight forward …

2013-05-05 at 05-58-45

There are options to edit photos, choose from the gallery, collage and capture.  Choosing to go into the camera one is given options to colour splash, panorama, face time, tilt shift or magic  shot.  Settings enable one to add date, auto review, touch, face tracking, grid and resolution management.

Sharing is also straight forward …

2013-05-05 at 05-53-31

The range of effects is quite astonishing, certainly a wide variety!!!

Original image …  2013-05-04 at 13-52-09

See a few here …

So my overall vote – a great app!  Just not sure that I’d choose this one over the others I like.  As a new comer to photography apps, this would be a good purchase!

Thanks for stopping by!  Catch you next time!!



By Karen Cornelius

I'm Karen, an a avid photographer with broad interests. I particularly love to get in close, so you'll see a lot of macros shots. I am known for my crisp images, you'll see it across my range of work. Have camera .. will click!!

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