AppsApril#28 Flip-O-Matic

Another interesting app – novel and easy to use! The opening screen of Flip-O-Matic is simple and the options in settings as follows …   The effects are fascinating.  Some examples … One has an option to re-use a Flip-O-Matic image.  I repeated this process and produced … Once you’re happy with an image, there… Continue reading AppsApril#28 Flip-O-Matic

AppsApril#27 PhotoSlice

If you enjoy joiners and nifty effects, this app might appeal to you! Opening screen (after selecting a photo to play with) …   Provides straight forward choices …   Next one fiddles with the settings from buttons that pop out…   The effects are interesting.  Some examples … And sharing looks like this …… Continue reading AppsApril#27 PhotoSlice

AppsApril#23 Panorama

Yesterday, at the Crows game (which we won!!), I played with the iPhone 5 panorama function and the Panorama (TM) app. Here’s the iPhone 5 effort – pretty extensive as you’ll see …   Here’s Panorama (TM) in action … Unfortunately you’ll have to click on the icons to see the images – I can’t… Continue reading AppsApril#23 Panorama

AppsApril#19 Instagram Fisheye

Instagram has added a new member to the family, Instagram Fisheye. Love the effect! Crisp, clear, fisheye effects – love it!!! Big challenge for me about Instagram is that the different features are in different apps. Its a pest having to switch from one to another.  Lots to choose from of course – especially if… Continue reading AppsApril#19 Instagram Fisheye

AppsApril#15 Vintage camera

    A really easy starting menu for this app too! Vintage camera offers 30 styles of ‘vintage scenes’, 15 sets of ‘faded times’ options and a range of antique frames and borders. I used the images I have been collecting of my feet to produce these … Original and 2 filters.  Another example …… Continue reading AppsApril#15 Vintage camera