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A really easy starting menu for this app too! Vintage camera offers 30 styles of ‘vintage scenes’, 15 sets of ‘faded times’ options and a range of antique frames and borders.

I used the images I have been collecting of my feet to produce these …

Original and 2 filters.  Another example …

Instructions pop up pretty immediately …

IMG_1131Straight forward process. I am disappointed that the vintage effects are all VERY vintage – there is an option to manage the image age, the texture strength, the image strength, to fade the photo and enhance the image though – probably worth more exploration.

These four were particularly cute!

The share options are extensive and include the usual suspects – FaceBook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram.

Overall verdict?  Pretty flexible and interesting, but I think I like CameraFX and PhotoCat better for options and ease of use. I’ll keep it in a folder on my photography apps page, but not busting to trot it out regularly at this stage.

Before I go … while I am on the topic of feet – I made this collage of feet images, desaturated it and saved it to camera roll, but cannot remember which app I used. It’s official, I have TOO many!!!

Thanks for checking this review, hope you found it useful.  See you tomorrow?

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