AppsApril#1 = Instagram ++

So welcome to the first AppsApril app, Instagram.  An obvious place to start I know, but I did wonder if people knew about all the extra Insta..apps that are available.

Here’s a screen shot of my Instagram folder …


I have used Instagram extensively at times – KarenClicks is my tag if you’re interested.

Last year at the Australian Primary Principals Association national conference Master School Portraits ran an Instagram competition for the best ‘essence of conference’ image.

I won an iPad with this one …



Pretty chuffed I was!!!! Leaders outside the Melbourne Convention Centre, enjoying the sunshine.

I enjoyed this one ‘Networking’ too …


Anyway – back to Instagram – there are various collage and frames apps.  Here’s an example of using the Collage app …



It comes with a range of shapes, frames and options.

A new addition to my Instagram family is the Travelgram app.  This one tags images in locations and allows you to collect and group images around different locations, ideal for travelling obviously!! I plan to give it a go on my next vacations – Normanville, Banrock Station, Sydney to see the Dalai Lama and of course my 2 year posting to the British International School in Phuket!!

The last news for today is that there is also a My Followers app that tracks activity on Instagram.  It will tell you who is following you, who you are following, what the reciprocal relationships are, if anyone has blocked you, who your fans are and who comments the most.  Interesting data process.  Bit like being able to check out your stats in FaceBook!

That’s it for today, enjoy Instagram and hopefully I’ll see you tomorrow!! Thanks for coming over!!


By Karen Cornelius

I'm Karen, an a avid photographer with broad interests. I particularly love to get in close, so you'll see a lot of macros shots. I am known for my crisp images, you'll see it across my range of work. Have camera .. will click!!

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