AppsApril#5 Camera FX

Yep – fell in love with this app. first use and WOW!!  A gem!

Three simple options on the opening screen – library, camera and settings (where there is the option for high resolution – oops, just found that! As well as FaceBook and Twitter connections).  Nice big, clear DONE button at the top of the screen.

Love the Gallery button – cute display, pictures hanging on a peg over the developing tray!!

Once in the camera, one can turn the flash on/off, select a photo from the library or take a shot. There are then 20 filter effects fo choose from – all interesting, easy to use on a slider and able to be adjusted for contrast, enhancement, framing and rotation.

Just terrific!!  Here’s my first samples …

That’s it for today, enjoy CameraFX and hopefully I will see you tomorrow!

Thanks for coming over!

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