AppsApril#9 Wood Camera

Wood Camera is an odd name for a photography app. Made by Bright Mango (that’s a more appealing name I think!)

Anyway this is a simple app, with lots of filters (25++) and subtle changes in effect.  Here are a set of images showing the variations in colours that are possible.

Frankly I think these effects can be achieved more effectively and flexibly in other apps reviewed to date – Luminance and CameraFX are just 2 that offer more options and sliders for adjusting effects.

The gallery screen is pretty when one systematically loads up a photo with every possible filter used …

The Share button only works with single images … mmmm.  That means each image has to be individually shared. There are also options to email, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram and DropBox the image.

Geotagging is available in the Settings button. If you’re going to use this camera app go straight to the Settings button and turn on ‘Save to Camera Roll’ to save yourself the laborious task of individually saving them there!

That’s it for this edition.  Enjoy Wood Camera and hopefully I will see you next time!

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By Karen Cornelius

I'm Karen, an a avid photographer with broad interests. I particularly love to get in close, so you'll see a lot of macros shots. I am known for my crisp images, you'll see it across my range of work. Have camera .. will click!!

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