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Temple trawling in KL

I found myself in Chinatown as usual – a colourful photo zone!! The Buddhist temple, Sin Sze Si Ya was colourful and gorgeous and the Hindu temple Sri Mahamariamman sedate and glamorous.  Both are in active use, so again I was faced with the dilemma of capturing worshipers at prayer or not.  Opted not 🙂

KL Explorations

Doing what I love most, wandering the streets with camera in hand to capture what I see.  KL this weekend offered lots of treats! Impressed by the full sensor Sony A7R!!  Have added 24mm and 75mm Voigtlander lenses (both 1.8) to my camera travel kit.  Small light lenses with pretty impressive performance.

Chengdu again

After a 14+ hour bus trip from Lahrong Monastery to Chengdu, we were ready for some quiet exploration and photography! We left Lahrong at 5 am to get the bus for Chengdu.  Rather than go to bus terminus it was decided that we meet the bus at a small town on a cross road where […]

Monks’ Conference – Tibet

The Annual conference of Buddhist monks was held in Chutung Monastery, not far from Dzamthang.  It was seen as a photo opportunity too good to miss. On arrival we were greeted by the sight of a thousand burgundy robed monks spread out across the fields, debating, listening, chatting, learning, eating and networking.  Delegates badges, bags […]

Dzamthang Monastery – Tibet

AMAZING – what else can one say, simply glorious. We were afforded a private tour and free access for photography and video.  We started in the main prayer area – SO beautiful!!! Under restoration and being carefully repainted and repaired, we explored the 5 levels around the gorgeous central Buddha. Then we were escorted to […]

Dzamthang Village – Tibet

We arrived in Dzamthang Village (may have another name, but is the village attached to Dzamthang Monastery) late in the day. The annual Buddhist Monks Conference was occurring in the region and there was a heightened police presence and wariness about how our presence might be received.  In order to be low profile we spent […]

Monastery by Thuchen

Wow! Wow! Wow! This monastery sat at the top of a huge mountain and was splendid!  Stunning views (all the way up!!), beautiful colours … speechless!! Sitting on the mountain top, 1800m above the town (already at 4,500m altitude).  Needless to say it was a spectacular drive up!! We zigzagged up through incredible hairpin turns, keeping […]