Dzamthang Monastery – Tibet

AMAZING – what else can one say, simply glorious. We were afforded a private tour and free access for photography and video.  We started in the main prayer area – SO beautiful!!! Under restoration and being carefully repainted and repaired, we explored the 5 levels around the gorgeous central Buddha. Then we were escorted to… Continue reading Dzamthang Monastery – Tibet

Dzamthang Village – Tibet

We arrived in Dzamthang Village (may have another name, but is the village attached to Dzamthang Monastery) late in the day. The annual Buddhist Monks Conference was occurring in the region and there was a heightened police presence and wariness about how our presence might be received.  In order to be low profile we spent… Continue reading Dzamthang Village – Tibet

Thuchen to Dzamthang – Tibet

Another amazing journey – Thuchen to Dzamthang – as we headed approximately westerly, deeper in the TAR (Tibet Autonomous Region). The road was incredible.  Paved generally, but subjected to extremes of weather and broken up in sections. Vivid in my memory are the overhanging rock faces, towering across the road and sheer drops on other… Continue reading Thuchen to Dzamthang – Tibet