Thuchen to Dzamthang – Tibet

Another amazing journey – Thuchen to Dzamthang – as we headed approximately westerly, deeper in the TAR (Tibet Autonomous Region). The road was incredible.  Paved generally, but subjected to extremes of weather and broken up in sections. Vivid in my memory are the overhanging rock faces, towering across the road and sheer drops on other… Continue reading Thuchen to Dzamthang – Tibet

Monastery by Thuchen

Wow! Wow! Wow! This monastery sat at the top of a huge mountain and was splendid!  Stunning views (all the way up!!), beautiful colours … speechless!! Sitting on the mountain top, 1800m above the town (already at 4,500m altitude).  Needless to say it was a spectacular drive up!! We zigzagged up through incredible hairpin turns, keeping… Continue reading Monastery by Thuchen

Barkam to Thuchen

We explored Barkam for a few hours and headed up the mountains to Thuchen.  The drive was spectacular as evidenced by these shots out of the van window.  Prayer flags, amazing mountains, clear skies – just beautiful!!!!