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AppsApril#27 PhotoSlice

If you enjoy joiners and nifty effects, this app might appeal to you! Opening screen (after selecting a photo to play with) …   Provides straight forward choices …   Next one fiddles with the settings from buttons that pop out…   The effects are interesting.  Some examples … And sharing looks like this … […]

AppsApril#25 Fisheye

Another Fisheye app today – and ‘Mmmmm’!! The interface is not at all intuitive, I kept finding myself where I didn’t expect to be.  Given that I am looking at a new app every day, you’d think I’d be finding it pretty easy now! One can drag the image inside the fisheye effect, for different […]

AppsApril#24 Mozaikr

This is an interesting little app!! Opening screen makes life easy …   Options are straight forward …   Sharing to email and Twitter available. The effects are interesting … Do have a close look – the app claims to draw pixels from one’s Camera Roll to create the mosaics, but whether it does or […]

AppsApril#14 XnShape

This was my starting image for playing with XnShape …   The options are to take a picture or to select one from the Camera Roll – as I did.   You can then apply one of 9 drawing edits to the image and access a palette of colours …   The result is as follows … […]

AppsApril#12 Photocat

Photocat is a funky looking new photography app. Home screen is cute, easy to use and easy to see in bright sunlight …   The ‘edit’ button allows one to pick up previous images from the camera roll and other collections. The ‘collage’ button allows up to 9 images from the camera roll (+) to […]

AppsApril#10 DMD

DMD or Dermander is the next app under review in my AppsApril process. DMD is a panorama creating app.   The ‘Create’ button opens with a simple screen – HDR (additional $0.99) auto/off flash and a nifty yin and yang sign . Basically you hold the phone vertically and move the signs toward each other to […]