AppsApril#12 Photocat

Photocat is a funky looking new photography app.

Home screen is cute, easy to use and easy to see in bright sunlight …



The ‘edit’ button allows one to pick up previous images from the camera roll and other collections.

The ‘collage’ button allows up to 9 images from the camera roll (+) to be selected and collaged.

The FX camera has 10 filters to add to images snapped.  My examples from Colebrook Park (memorial to Aboriginal children taken from their families and homes up until the late 1970s) …

A range of filters were applied and I am impressed by the quality.  One can set ‘high resolution’ in the settings section – a good idea before one goes shooting.

I love Instagram and its extras – the only thing Photocat doesn’t have (all in one app, rather than 4!!) is the ability to post to Instagram.  Mind you, FaceBook, Twitter and flickr can all be enabled (settings area again).

An ‘element store’ button enable the purchase of classic frames, fantast frames, collage frames, collage backgrounds and effects.  With these installed one would find Photocat rivals the Instagram family!

Overall – love this one, another keeper!!

That’s it for this review, enjoy Photocat and hopefully I will see you tomorrow!

Thanks for coming over!!


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