AppsApril#11 LUMO

LUMO is designed by 99centbrains with the intention of enabling the photographer to add brilliant bursts of colour to one’s photos.

The home screen opens up to a choice of 3 cameras.



It also has an instruction overlay that is somewhat hard to remove …



Once you have selected a camera, you can choose between adding the effect to an existing photo or taking your own.  For the purposes of this review, I took my own shots, but I suspect it might be more funt o play with adding some excitement to the shots in your camera roll.

Camera one produces images that look like this …

Camera 2 adds an odd light flare to the bottom right …



And my favourite, Camera 3 produces some strange effects …

Bit Holga-ish I thought.

Well, that’s it for LUMO. Hope you enjoy it and look forward to seeing you in the next instalment!

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