Abandoned Lounges in Adelaide

People collect stamps, posters, cameras, jewelry, shoes, antiques … all sorts of things!! I have to admit to collecting a few cameras, but more importantly I collect photos of things … 10s, reflections, letterboxes … and ABANDONED LOUNGES!! Many friends have let me know where there is a curbside reject and I have lovingly captured the… Continue reading Abandoned Lounges in Adelaide

Week 1: #project52

Lomography.com is encouraging lomographers to carry a camera each week and to post something for the 52 weeks of 2013 – from a range of different cameras.  Thought I’d play – #project52, week one, here I am! These images were taken with my Holga 120N.  I jerry rigged it to take 35mm black and white… Continue reading Week 1: #project52

Wandering around Holdfast Bay

A lazy Anzac Day public holiday in the middle of the week saw me scouting around Holdfast Bay in Glenelg for some shots – particularly looking for more abstract perspectives. I didn’t have to go far, before ropes, posts, masts and walkways opened opportunities!!

Wandering the Port

Port Adelaide is on of the first colonised areas in South Australia.  As such it presents with a number of old buildings and historic (well relative in colonisation terms ‘historic’) sites.  Great photo ops!!