About Me

I am fortunate that what I love most to do and my work are one and the same.  As a life long, avid photographer, seeing me without some form of camera: film, digital or phone, new or old is a rare occurrence.

With my  ‘great eye’ for composition, design, colour and form, extended through a Diploma from the Centre for Creative Photography, I have mastered extensive aspects of photography. I competently use photographic processes as art forms, expression and documentation. 

Getting in close and crisp images across a diverse range of contexts are hallmarks of my work.  

I bring extensive digital and social media experience, Coupled with commercial photography, I provide great opportunities for small and medium businesses to establish, review or renew their web presence.

I am particularly passionate about capturing images of people, special events and treasured moments – in and away from formal set ups.  I’d love to be at your next special formal or informal event, a ‘playdate’ or to see you in my studio, to capture some special memories.

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