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Abandoned Lounges in Adelaide

People collect stamps, posters, cameras, jewelry, shoes, antiques … all sorts of things!! I have to admit to collecting a few cameras, but more importantly I collect photos of things … 10s, reflections, letterboxes … and ABANDONED LOUNGES!! Many friends have let me know where there is a curbside reject and I have lovingly captured the […]

Week 6: #project52 Fisheye

So this week’s project was to get out with my new Lomography Fisheye camera.  Quite a few reasonable successful images.  Have to sacrifice my usual attachment to sharp focus and intense definition, but for fuzzy, plastic camera images, they’re not bad! I left the film frame around a few – what do you think? Better […]

Week 5: #project52 Oktomat

Five weeks of playing with film so far in 2013!! Lots of variations to come!! This week was the week of the Oktomat!  Three roles of film and 6 images later … mmmmm …. Many miss fires of three of the 8 lenses and film not exposed (not advancing???) Will try one more, taping on […]