Abandoned Lounges in Adelaide

People collect stamps, posters, cameras, jewelry, shoes, antiques … all sorts of things!! I have to admit to collecting a few cameras, but more importantly I collect photos of things … 10s, reflections, letterboxes … and ABANDONED LOUNGES!! Many friends have let me know where there is a curbside reject and I have lovingly captured the… Continue reading Abandoned Lounges in Adelaide

Week 7: #project52 – Fisheye take2

Sunday was the last day of the Brighton Beach Sculpture display.  I had been hanging out for a sunny day and finally it came on the final day.  There is another post with my digital efforts (closer to the event obviously, because of the immediacy of digital), this one has been delayed by processing of… Continue reading Week 7: #project52 – Fisheye take2

Week 6: #project52 Fisheye

So this week’s project was to get out with my new Lomography Fisheye camera.  Quite a few reasonable successful images.  Have to sacrifice my usual attachment to sharp focus and intense definition, but for fuzzy, plastic camera images, they’re not bad! I left the film frame around a few – what do you think? Better… Continue reading Week 6: #project52 Fisheye

Brighton Beach Sculpture Competition

These sculptures have been up all week, but we have had a really unusually cloudy and dull summer week.  Temperatures have been almost a half of the usual high 30’s or low 40’s for this time of the year.  Finally got SUN and 30 degrees today.  Only problem was, its the last day they are… Continue reading Brighton Beach Sculpture Competition