Beach reflections

The morning light on Largs Beach was SO special – the water was still and the low tide left perfect puddles for cloud reflections – photographer’s bliss!!


An absolutely spectacular morning on Largs Bay beach yesterday!!  The sunrise brought amazing light, rainbows and tones one wishes for every early morning start!! These jetties – Largs Bay and Semaphore – were bathed in beautiful light – completely untouched images!

Magnifying my photos!!!!

Saw this idea in my browsing of photographic sites and images … Love the way the magnifying glass can enlarge an image, catch a reflection or just change the tones and sharpness. Easier with a buddy this is something one can do alone .. as I have here.  

Reflections – an obsession..

I am completely unable to pass a reflection, anywhere, without at least assessing it for image potential.  Was out to dinner with a friend in Rundle Street recently and while I was attempting to be attentive to our conversation, I couldn’t resist these reflections in the folded glass doors!  Enjoy!!


  Glass is a beautiful artistic medium, and I am blessed with friends that make and enjoy fantastic pieces.  Three here to enjoy!


I love landscapes.  With my propensity to go in close, I was delighted to read that one can define landscapes as narrowly or broadly as one chooses! I have chosen smaller scale landscapes for this blog post.

Adelaide – a range of views

I have an increasing number of international connections on my FaceBook page.  They share their local surroundings and to the eyes of an outsider, they are foreign and wonderful.  Wondering if my Adelaide, South Australia images are likely to be wonderful to an overseas page visitor??

Burning Steelwool

There is a terrific tutorial from PhotoExtremist that inspired our first attempt at shooting burning steelwool.  Great fun – but be prepared for mess, dangerous sparks and quick action. We are pleased with these, and have purchased some finer grain steelwool to see how that works.

Essence of Kitchen

  It was a stinking hot weekend and I posted on FaceBook that it was too hot for photography.  A friend suggested that I tackle the air conditioned kitchen – what a great idea!!