Burning Steelwool

There is a terrific tutorial from PhotoExtremist that inspired our first attempt at shooting burning steelwool.  Great fun – but be prepared for mess, dangerous sparks and quick action. We are pleased with these, and have purchased some finer grain steelwool to see how that works.

Essence of Kitchen

  It was a stinking hot weekend and I posted on FaceBook that it was too hot for photography.  A friend suggested that I tackle the air conditioned kitchen – what a great idea!!

Toolkit in the Park

  I have collected a range of objects – in this case an old rusty toolkit – and taken them to a number of places to photograph.  Inspired by a common ‘improve your photography tip’ that suggests one take at least 10 photos of one object – different angles, different depth of field, partial/full, the […]

Adventures in the Darkroom

During Term 4 last year, I continued my studies with the Centre for Creative Photography and found myself working with film and learning a range of new strategies in the darkroom. These are my assessment pieces and demonstrate dodging and burning, paper negatives, collage and other techniques.