Tibet Trip – starting in Chengdu

June 2013 saw me taking up an amazing opportunity to be part of a scouting trip through eastern Tibet.  Part of a team scoping a documentary, I had an AMAZING 2 weeks with my camera!!  In the next blog posts I will share some of the highlights!

These images are taken in and around Chengdu.  We Westerners are very much the minority here.  There is a high degree of local curiosity, and as always I am impressed by the power of a friendly smile to win one in return!  We are certainly being watched with great amusement.

Chengdu has signs up everywhere ‘Tourist City – Number One Tourist destination’ (in English interestingly). We have found very few locals with English and there aren’t many English speaking tourists about the place!  Perhaps they are appealing to Chinese tourists??

There is certainly a sense of pride in the city and with the plastering of panda images, manicured high rise apartments of 15-20 storeys, pampered (often shaved) pooches and fascinating sights – there is plenty to see.

By Karen Cornelius

I'm Karen, an a avid photographer with broad interests. I particularly love to get in close, so you'll see a lot of macros shots. I am known for my crisp images, you'll see it across my range of work. Have camera .. will click!!

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