Seeing Part II

As part of my Camera 3 assessment (studying at the Centre for Creative Photography) I produced a new series based on the Uluru and Sydney Harbour Bridge images included in this set.  I deliberately played with the focal point, the figure/ground relationships, to create a unique (photographer’s) point of view … My Artist Statement:  … Continue reading Seeing Part II

Alternative Presentation

As one of my assessment tasks for Alternative Presentation at the Centre for Creative Photography was to create a book from my favourite Holga double exposure images. Taken in 5 states of Australia, these represent my favourites to date! I hand bound a book to display them – fabulous course, great place to learn!!!

Week 11: #project52 NorthTerrace Night Markets

Last Sunday I took my Sprocket Rocket out to explore the Adelaide Night Markets on North Terrace.  It was an unusually cool evening, so the usual crowds weren’t there, but the sunset was glorious and the photo opportunities for double exposed Sprocket Rocket images were great.  Here are a few highlights!

Week 9: #project52 Diana

Finally!!!!! Some success with my new Diana!  What is it about her that is SO hard??? Three double exposures and a neat entry door in the Garden of Unearthly Delights (Finge Festival in Adelaide).  Nice – but third film lucky! Better go back to the manual and see what I am doing wrong!

Aessessment time again!

My last series called “Seeing” had a number of great images that highlighted something in the foreground of an image, rather than the background.  My favourite from that series was the post at Ayres Rock (Uluru – in the set again). In this series I have extended that idea. I selected a number of  Adelaide… Continue reading Aessessment time again!