Street Photography

In the tradition of many Street Photographers, I walked our shopping malls and streets yesterday, camera clicking randomly at people as we crossed paths. Set at f8, 24mm some interesting shots, and lots of headless, legless, angled ones for the recycling bin!!

Wandering around Holdfast Bay

A lazy Anzac Day public holiday in the middle of the week saw me scouting around Holdfast Bay in Glenelg for some shots – particularly looking for more abstract perspectives. I didn’t have to go far, before ropes, posts, masts and walkways opened opportunities!!

Adelaide Zoo

  A trip to the Royal Adelaide Zoo this afternoon, brought some nice shots of the animals – especially those lining up for some late afternoon sun!

Food Fun

A visit to the Adelaide Central Market inspired this photography session.  There were colourful pomegranate halves on display – so I collected one and 2 rather unusual radishes to take home to click!!