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Preparing for assessment

This term I am undertaking Camera 4 at the Centre for Creative Photography (Link – to  fabulous place to study photography!!) Once again I am challenged to produce a series of images.  This time I am playing with the randomness of double exposing my Holga 120N in a variety of settings and using a variety of […]

Self Portrait

Many thanks to Alma Haser for the inspiration for this copy shot for my Camera 3 assessment at the Centre for Creative Photography. Our task was to select and copy a self portrait.  I started with all sorts of ideas, but fell in love with this Alma Haser image!!

Assessment Images for Concepts class

Just completed the Centre for Creative Photography ‘Photographic Concepts’ course – brilliant!!  These are my assessment images with artist statement …   seeing   we all see we all look   do we all see the same things? in the same way?   interesting changes occur as one learns to see the world through a […]