Archive | May, 2013

AppsApril#28 Flip-O-Matic

Another interesting app – novel and easy to use! The opening screen of Flip-O-Matic is simple and the options in settings as follows …   The effects are fascinating.  Some examples … One has an option to re-use a Flip-O-Matic image.  I repeated this process and produced … Once you’re happy with an image, there […]

AppsApril#27 PhotoSlice

If you enjoy joiners and nifty effects, this app might appeal to you! Opening screen (after selecting a photo to play with) …   Provides straight forward choices …   Next one fiddles with the settings from buttons that pop out…   The effects are interesting.  Some examples … And sharing looks like this … […]

AppsApril#26 PhotoMagic

PhotoMagic is one of many apps I have filed in a folder labelled ‘editing’ and not opened since purchasing.  Bit of a pity in this app’s case, because it is pretty cool – I like it! Love the easy opening screen – take or load a photo, how easy is that?? Once you’ve managed that, […]