Archive | April, 2013

AppsApril#21 iColorama S

iColorama S is another app with a wonderful array of editing options.  My sister’s dog and my creatures are the subject matter for today’s review.  iColorama S has a simple to use interface … Each option opens a range of choices … I enjoyed this app, but am not convinced that it is unique enough […]

AppsApril#20 PhotoStudio

I have had the PhotoStudio app for a while, recommended to me by a friend I think!  Found out today that it was in fact a good recommendation! I snapped a number of shots in a new dog park (Ruby enjoyed this excursion too – except that the wait for me to change the flat […]

AppsApril#19 Instagram Fisheye

Instagram has added a new member to the family, Instagram Fisheye. Love the effect! Crisp, clear, fisheye effects – love it!!! Big challenge for me about Instagram is that the different features are in different apps. Its a pest having to switch from one to another.  Lots to choose from of course – especially if […]

AppsApril#18 Zitrr Camera

So, next cab off the rank is the Zitrr Camera.  Here’s the camera screen …   There are a number of options – level (turned on in this screen shot), seven different screen set up options (including rule of thirds, diagonals, square, golden etc) and different camera types. There are options to use the usual […]

AppsApril#17 PowerSketch

PowerSketch was my first drawing app. By Wondershare, 2012, there is also a PowerCam and Panorama camera app in the set. Opening screen … Straight forward and effective.  Magic Shot opens the camera. Flash and camera reversal buttons at the top, filter choices, settings button, effects and gallery access buttons at the bottom. The Edit […]

Wandering Victoria Park

I took Ruby for a walk at the Victoria Park race course site on Sunday.  For those that don’t know, this was a horse racing track and is situated in our parkland green belt around the city of Adelaide.  There is a fiercely protective parks lands group who ensure that there is no new permanent […]

AppsApril#16 Sketch Me

Sketch me is one of a number of drawing effect apps I own.  Its a new purchase from BlueBear apps. Photos are changed into drawings very easily, with 8 options for different effects.  One you’ve selected an effect there are colouring options, an eraser and paint brushes to enhance the image. I quite like the […]

AppsApril#15 Vintage camera

    A really easy starting menu for this app too! Vintage camera offers 30 styles of ‘vintage scenes’, 15 sets of ‘faded times’ options and a range of antique frames and borders. I used the images I have been collecting of my feet to produce these … Original and 2 filters.  Another example … […]

AppsApril#14 XnShape

This was my starting image for playing with XnShape …   The options are to take a picture or to select one from the Camera Roll – as I did.   You can then apply one of 9 drawing edits to the image and access a palette of colours …   The result is as follows … […]