Archive | March, 2012


An absolutely spectacular morning on Largs Bay beach yesterday!!  The sunrise brought amazing light, rainbows and tones one wishes for every early morning start!! These jetties – Largs Bay and Semaphore – were bathed in beautiful light – completely untouched images!

Reflections – an obsession..

I am completely unable to pass a reflection, anywhere, without at least assessing it for image potential.  Was out to dinner with a friend in Rundle Street recently and while I was attempting to be attentive to our conversation, I couldn’t resist these reflections in the folded glass doors!  Enjoy!!

Burning Steelwool

There is a terrific tutorial from PhotoExtremist that inspired our first attempt at shooting burning steelwool.  Great fun – but be prepared for mess, dangerous sparks and quick action. We are pleased with these, and have purchased some finer grain steelwool to see how that works.